Mixed Participatory Commission

 The decolonization of public space in Etterbeek


Mixed Citizen Panel

 Local  Face-to-face

The Local Council of Etterbeek adopted, on the 29th of June 2020, a motion regarding the establishment of a Mixed Participatory Commission. Its mission is to discuss colonial signs present in public spaces in Etterbeek and propose measures for a better contextualization of these signs.

The commission will consist of 20 residents over the age of 16 randomly selected, 10 elected officials representing various political groups in the Local Council, and individuals with expertise from academic, cultural, or public service backgrounds who will ensure the scientific nature of the proceedings.

Upon completing its mission, the commission will submit a report containing all its proposals to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen as well as the Local Council, who will be responsible for its follow-up.

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