Our method

Dare to use sortition

Drawing lots means giving all citizens an equal chance to participate in politics. Random selection guarantees the diversity of the participants and also enriches the political debate by re-establishing a dialogue with the population that usually has no direct contact with the political world.

Trust collective intelligence

The confrontation of ideas and interactions between citizens are at the heart of the deliberative process. To ensure its success, we develop and master collective intelligence methods and tools that guarantee a healthy and constructive debate.

Think long-term

Citizen participation must be seen as a long-term process. This transversal approach allows the emergence of recognized and structured projects, fully involving citizens to create a continuous democratic dialogue, and thus truly improving public policies.

Our services

Design & strategy

We design citizen participation processes tailored to your institution and its audiences. Participatory budgets, citizen panels, random draws… We juggle all these formats and tools, and develop new concepts every day.

Organization of your participatory event

To bring your participatory project to life - be it face-to-face, online or hybrid - we provide answers to all your organizational questions and take care of all logistical and technical aspects.

Coordination of your participatory process

We take care of the implementation of your participation and deliberation strategy and projects, working hand in hand with your administration and all stakeholders.


Our network of experienced facilitators takes care of the animation of your event and manages the discussions among the participants.

Our latests projects


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 What conditions must the ecological transition meet to be just?

Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FISD)



Citizens panel Sortition

Hackathon and Regional Political Debates as part of the "Welcome Home" Program

 Support program for vulnerable single-parent families created by IKEA

Impact Valley




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Saint Gilles
European Citizen Action Service (ECAS)
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Impact Valley