DEMOS-BRU deliberative day

 Democracy and populisms


Deliberative day

 Regional  Face to face

On Saturday 11 December 2021, ECAS (European Citizen Action Services) organised, in collaboration with Particitiz, a deliberative day with 35 Brussels residents randomly selected at BeCentral. This event is part of the European research programme DEMOS (“Democratic Efficacy and the Varieties of Populism in Europe” — which focuses on democratic efficiency and the different forms of populism in Europe). This event also took place in Budapest, Hungary. The aim of this double feature was to compare two cities which, despite their similar size, have very different political systems and a very different relationship towards populism.

The agenda of the event included debates between citizens and experts on political representation, citizen participation and the role of the European Union in the region of Brussels.

Want to learn more about this research program? Find all the information by visiting this website.

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