Hackathon and Regional Political Debates as part of the "Welcome Home" Program

 Support program for vulnerable single-parent families created by IKEA

 Impact Valley


 National  Face-to-face

In June 2022, IKEA Belgium organized a hackathon focusing on single-parent families. Over two intensive days, various organizations, associations, and businesses working with single-parent families came together to discuss the issues and challenges these families face daily and how we can improve their situation. From this hackathon emerged a memorandum containing a series of recommendations.

Driven by this initiative, IKEA Belgium decided to enlist our services to organize regional political debates on this topic. Three debates were therefore organized, respectively in Mechelen (Flanders), Liège (Wallonia), and Brussels, during the months of March and May 2023. These debates brought together various political figures from different political backgrounds, numerous representatives from the associative world, as well as single-parent families.

More information : https://bienvenuechezvous.be/

Event decoration with the words ‘Welkom Thuis,’ which is the name of the event project, and in the background of the image, an empty room before the arrival of participants

Discussion circle with politicians and participants.

Speech by the CEO of IKEA Belgium, André Schmidtgall, for the opening of the debate.

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